Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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RĂ©mi Abgrall, "A review of residual distribution schemes for steady and unsteady compressible fluid dynamics"

In this talk, I will review the current status of the so-called residual distribution schemes applied, in particular, to compressible fluid dynamics problems. Other physical models include the Shallow Water equation and generalization, MHD, etc.This schemes, after the early work of R. Ni at Bombardi...


Santiago Badia, "On highly scalable implicit solvers for multiphysics"

The simulation of many problems in computational mechanics and physics require the use of implicit solvers. Implicit solvers can deal with steady problems and can solve transient problems without the need to reduce the time step size in order to satisfy a stringent CFL condition. This last situation...


Manfred Bischoff, "Variational methods for consistent singular and scaled mass matrices"

Mass matrices in explicit and implicit finite element analysis mostly come along in their consistent or lumped version. Consistency in this context refers to a derivation from a given spatial discretization along with a strong functional relationship in time of displacement, velocity and momentum. I...


Tadeusz Burcynski, "Intelligent computing in multiscale materials design"

This work is devoted to development of an original intelligent computing approach to rational design of materials structures taking into account their actual multiscale state. The intelligent computing approach is a hybrid system which consists of a ‘hard’ deterministic FEM solver which ...

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